If you are the named Executor under a will this is intended to give you guidance on what you should
A large part of my practice over the years has involved litigation.  Typical of any young lawyer, there are two primary
Before meeting with a lawyer (and I do strongly recommend using a lawyer) about your will,  power of attorney and
FILING A LAWSUIT Deciding to file a lawsuit or being sued is never a pleasant, easy experience.  If a person
The decision to buy or start a business involves many considerations, including the likelihood of success, available capital, and the
Most of my clients in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who desire an effective estate plan can achieve their goals with well-crafted wills,
Often times in my divorce/family law practice I am asked whether I would recommend filing for divorce when there is no agreement between the
Most people do not have wills, powers of attorney and advance health directives. This can create unintended consequences in a