Litigation Attorney – Lancaster, PA

lancaster pa lawsuit litigation attorneyWith 30 years of trial experience practicing before state and federal courts and arbitration forums at both the trial and appellate levels on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, Lancaster, PA Litigation Attorney Steven R. Blair has handled over 50 separate cases in his litigation practice involving and/or recovering over $3 million dollars in damages Litigation is never easy on any party and when it occurs clients of Attorney Blair can be confident that they will be well-served.  Every effort will be made to develop an out of court settlement.  When settlement cannot be achieved Attorney Blair provides aggressive and fearless advocacy to win his client’s case.  Initial consultations are free for litigation matters, and Attorney Blair has a flexible approach to crafting fair and reasonable fee arrangements, including contingent fee, hourly fee, and base fee plus bonus arrangements.


Wrongful Death and Personal Injury in vehicular accidents, medical and dentist malpractice, and dram shop/tavern owner liquor liability.

Securities fraud and financial planner malfeasance involving unsuitable investment advice, churning and fraud.

Insurance bad faith involving mishandling of life insurance and property casualty insurance claims.

Legal malpractice involving negligent handling of a client’s legal case.

Contract disputes and collection matters on behalf of businesses and individuals involving contractor disputes.

Orphans’ court litigations involving will contests and power of attorney and fiduciary account disputes.

Divorcecustody and support litigation.


To listen carefully to a client’s concerns at the time of case intake;

To carefully assess the facts of the case and applicable law to determine whether the client’s case has merit;

To honestly advise the client of the likelihood of success, the potential cost of litigation and fee option agreements available to include hourly fee, set fee, base fee plus performance bonus and contingent fee arrangements, and the various litigation strategies that can be pursued;

To aggressively pursue the client’s case to verdict, judgment or settlement;

To promptly return clients’ telephone calls and e-mails to keep the client informed of the case status, and prepare legal documents in a professional manner designed to achieve success.