Customer Reviews

John McCoy

Steve has worked with me to take care of our family and professional needs for over ten years. He has always communicated well to keep us abreast of the progress, completing each task very efficiently. I appreciate Steve’s knowledge, experience and expertise. I feel confident he can handle any issue than may arise.

As a business owner, I have referred clients to Steve for simple issues as well as complex ones. Steve always completes a client’s need in a professional and timely manner. I feel confident in making a recommendation knowing they will be well taken care of.

Colonel (R) Donald E. Bliss.

I have known Steve Blair for the better part of 20 years, both professionally and personally.  He has proven to me to be a man of integrity, honesty and forthrightness, both in his business and his everyday life.  I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the gentleman in every way.  He is especially a good attorney and takes his business relationships very seriously.  The most important point I believe is the integrity he exhibits in every way.  I have complete confidence in him as a person in business and as a friend.

David B., Lititz, PA

Steve Blair helped get my mother’s will and financial accounts in order so that when she passed away I was able to handle those things quickly and efficiently. He also took care of the complex estate tax calculations, documents and filings that were required. Being the executor of an estate can be a long and daunting task. But it’s much easier to bear when you have a sympathetic and knowledgeable helping hand.

Todd Witmer, CEO, The Witmer Group

I had the opportunity to work with Attorney, Steve Blair to review partnership agreements and contracts related to a Real Estate matter and he did an outstanding job of reviewing the documents with great detail and pointing out the important aspects which needed my attention to be addressed and modified. Time was of the essence, and I appreciated how Steve made me a priority and assisted quickly in this matter.

E. O’Rean Fiedler

I’m writing to tell you how much I appreciate your continuing efforts in pursuing resolution in the mishandling of my mother’s estate. In the intensity of our many sessions in your office, I feel I often forget to thank you for all that you are doing. The seemingly unending mounds of garbage being produced by my sister’s attorney at times overwhelm me. Your persistent and methodical approach in countering their efforts to cloud the issues and facts, have allowed me to maintain some level of sanity.

As this has now gone on for nearly three years, I am looking forward to finally getting our day in court. Your latest filing with the court is exemplary in detailing the facts, the law, and supporting previous court rulings to the point that the judge would seem to have no option but to rule on our behalf. In any event, I know that with your help I will eventually see justice served.

Harry Goodman

I have had the opportunity to work with Attorney Steve Blair on several occasions and can personally attest to the outstanding job he does. Steve has prepared my will, completed marital settlement agreements and provided me with legal advice and council. He is the consummate professional.

Steve is extremely thorough,meticulous, courteous, and personable. I am so appreciative of the fact that Steve returns my phone calls and/or e-mails expeditiously. When I meet with him to review documents he takes the time to review the contents with me to ensure that I have a complete understanding of the pertinent information. In addition,he can be very tenacious when the situation dictates. I am extremely pleased to have Steve Blair as my attorney.

David Shelton

Steve helped us finalize the settlement of our recent home purchase. His forceful advocacy in dealing with the sellers’ attorney was instrumental in letting the sellers and their real estate agent know we were not going to be jerked around by their efforts to make up lame excuses in attempting to void a valid sales contract.

Not only has Steve helped me in the past with many of the more routine matters, such as wills and powers of attorney, I was particularly grateful that he was successful in helping to resolve what was becoming an extremely frustrating situation. I look forward to continuing our relationship and, hopefully, we can stick to the more routine items in the future.

Rick DeGeorge

Attorney Steven R. Blair has been my attorney for over ten years, and during that time has been an effective counselor and litigator for me. He has prepared many legal documents and represented me very well in several successful cases. I have found him to be timely and available when I call him with questions or concerns. I would recommend him as a well qualified and able attorney.

Mary Berg

Mr. Blair was a wonderful attorney to work with. He knew exactly what to do with my father’s estate. He made my family feel secure. I would highly recommend Mr. Blair.

Kevin Flory

Steven handled the settlement of my fathers estate and also did a will for my wife and I. Throughout it all, Steve was responsive, patient, very helpful, knowledgeable, professional and competent. Highly recommended.

Glenn Bartlett

Steven is the best. He worked on my case like a bull dog and got a settlement that was good for all and out of court.